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Receive Nightly Guidance and Wisdom from
Your Night Light within you. 
Your Night Light will support you in winding down and relaxing you from your day.
Your Night Light wants to speak to you to settle you, help you debrief from the day, and support you in your night time rest.
Your Night Light will arrive in your inbox
Monday through Friday in the evenings.
When Your Night Light is shining bright, 
allow yourself to receive from your own light - Your Night Light.

Samples of Your Night Light:
Surrender your day as you feel your breath begin to soften and deepen.  Let's take each event that challenged us today to our breath.  As we see the event, breathe into it, acknowledge it and let it go.  Surrender to rest time with me, your Night Light hugging you!
Wow!  What an amazing day!  With all that we lived and loved, we are whole.  I am with you as you feel us.  We are just Being as we sink into the sheets.  Rest now, I will stay strong for you as you breathe into the night with grace and ease.
Let's remind our whole self to be present as we say these affirmations:  I touch.  I feel.  I breath.  I stay.  I love.  I am bright within you.  Rest now and revive for another wonderful day tomorrow.